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The Challenge : Future Plans


New kitchen conforming to Health and Safety Plan (HASP)

We are planning a brand new kitchen under Local Authority supervision to receive a HASP license. and enable all our recipients to be assured that all food is prepared to the highest standards of cleanliness. This will also allow our packages to be stored in hospital refrigerators and be given out by on-duty nurses upon request to patients who arrive on or just before the Sabbath. Such patients are missed by our current distribution service.


Many people who are housebound experience deterioration in their quality of life. The purchase of a specially designed van, equipped for wheelchairs and mobility-impaired patients will allow Tomchei Cholim to take the housebound back into the community. They will be able to attend Jewish prayer services, lectures, shopping, parks and doctor and hospital appointments.


At present there is no kosher breakfast delivered to any United Kingdom hospital. We have plans for starting a breakfast package once or twice weekly consisting of long life food. This will give patients a lift at the start of their day and be another means by which they can feel someone is concerned about them.