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History : Background and Ethos of Tomchei Cholim
Background and ethos of Tomchei Cholim

In the winter of 1998/1999 our founder, Mr Yaacov Gluck made the acquaintance of an elderly, sick man having regular dialysis treatment. Mr Gluck saw that the frequent hospital visits, sometimes at very short notice, were very upsetting for him and so he undertook to ease his condition. He found staff at the Royal London Hospital were so impressed that a stranger was so concerned for the welfare of a patient that they too went beyond the call of duty to help out.
Mr Gluck overcame many hurdles to have the patient eventually moved to a Jewish care home when it became apparent he could no longer be at home by himself. Sometime later, the gentleman’s daughter was married abroad and Mr Gluck arranged a second “wedding” at the care home so that he could participate in the joyous occasion that he would otherwise have missed. A great number of people from the local area attended this very special event and brought much happiness to a sick man.

This attention to the unique needs of one particular patient led Mr Gluck to establish Tomchei Cholim. From a small start, Tomchei Cholim has grown rapidly but the kindness and concern that underpinned that first undertaking are the hallmarks of the whole organisation. We now have over thirty volunteers contributing a wide range of charitable skills but the common motivating factor is a kind heart and the desire to really help.