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Programs: Current Activities Overview

Through our extensive network of volunteers, we actively seek out patients in need of our services and maintain contact with them and their families throughout their medical treatment and beyond. We aim to help both those staying in hospital and those confined to their homes.

We provide:

The Sabbath Package

Feel At Home

A beautifully presented package of kosher food sufficient for two meals on the Jewish Sabbath. Also included are Jewish newspapers and magazines, a light snack and drinks, chocolate biscuits and sweets plus toys for children.
We currently supply over one hundred such meals every week free of charge to a variety of hospitals in and around London. This service aims to give far more than another hospital meal. It is a means of bringing the very special feeling of the Sabbath day to those feeling most isolated.


We attempt to visit all the patients who receive the Sabbath package. We are also in contact with their families and can arrange home and hospital visits to anyone in need.
Often we are contacted from abroad about patients coming to this country for treatment. We try to ease their concerns, meeting any specific requirements and making the experience as comfortable as possible.

Link to other organisations

Often Tomchei Cholim is the first point of contact with the patient. They sometimes have requirements beyond our capabilities. We have information about other charities and services and will act as a link to ensure that the patient is in touch with those who can help them best. Our purpose is to provide help by the best means possible.

Provision of ‘light’ medical equipment

Tomchei Cholim lends out certain medical equipment for the benefit of those who may find it hard to attend hospital on a regular basis to use it. This might include babies and small children, the elderly and those without transport or childcare while they are in hospital. We assess each request carefully and have eased the lives of many who have such medical requirements.

Special Occasions

The Jewish Year has many holidays - each having unique practices, which are often very difficult to perform when one is sick in hospital or at home. Tomchei Cholim arranges help to allow the patient to fulfil the specific customs and duties of the holiday. This allows participation in the celebration and reduces the sense of alienation, which would otherwise be more acute on such days.